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USA PAYMENT SOLUTIONS (USAPAY) is a full-service merchant processing advisory service specializing in both high risk and medium risk solutions.

We process over $100 million + a month for our clients in diverse segments such as subscription/continuity, MLMs, CBD, remote learning, startups, online business, supplements, etc.

With dozens of direct and long-term relationships both in the US and overseas, USAPAY can find the correct solution(s) for our clients.

HONESTY from our merchants and HONESTY from us is absolutely KEY for us in providing the BEST service and advice we possibly can.

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No, USAPAY isn’t currently a registered ISO. The main reason is that our clients have needs so diverse, no 1-2-5 banks could service them. However, we do have risk bearing ISO like influence over the application process with several of our ISO/Bank partners.

As we assume risk with several of our ISO/Bank partners and because of either/both the size of our book of business or literal deposits we have lodged with them, we are able to get these ISO/Bank partners to take on merchants they overwise would not.

At the end of the day, we have risk bearing ISO like benefits without some of the onerous/limiting requirements.

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Every merchant has a bank and every bank has a merchant: We look to place our merchants with banks who like their type of business and risk.

Our goal is not to get you a MID that might quickly disappear but to provide solutions that are well suited to your situation. Sustainable merchant processing is our #1 Goal.

As the merchant processing landscape changes quickly with ISO/banks constantly changing what risks they like or don’t like, our knowledge, expertise and extensive relationships help our clients navigate these treacherous waters.

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Our approach is very different than many of the ISOs and agents out there. Our diverse and extensive experience allows us to provide much more than just providing MIDs.

We can help your organization avoid merchant processing pitfalls and operational advice/help. Hence, we call ourselves, not an ISO or agent, but a full-service merchant processing advisory service (or Expert MIDs Consultants)

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We have an extensive book of both low, medium, and high-risk business. In fact, we have built a book of retail business where we literally lose money on every merchant gained.

Why? For a bank, retail (low) and online (high risk) business merchant processing almost has the same profitability. So, a bank naturally prefers retail (low) risk business.

We find having a good monthly retail deal flow allows us more latitude with our ISO/Bank partners in placing medium/high risk business. Makes sense right!

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With our risk-bearing agreements and extensive portfolios with various ISO/banks, we have the ability to place merchants in solutions that other channels cannot.

As an example, a large MLM ($10mil + a month) who is in an active lawsuit with the FTC. They were in eminent danger of losing their 8+ year ISO/Bank and had extensively searched the merchant processing landscape for a new solution with no luck.

We were able to find them an ISO/Bank willing to take their account in its entirely and with no reserves on top of it! Obviously, your results may vary but it should show the power of our knowledge and capabilities.

After spending 1-hour free consultation with us on the phone, you will see what we are talking about & the power we bring to the table for you. We are 100% aligned & team partners with ALL of our Clients.

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